Sep 1Happy Birthday, Geoff!
Jul 11A New Addition
Jul 9Trouble At Home
Jul 7Happy Belated Birthday, Jack
Apr 5Workplace Inquiries
Apr 4Real Life
Apr 3Sneakin’
Apr 2Freelance
Apr 1Return
Jan 4100th Comic
Jan 3Like A Ninja
Jan 2Adorable
Jan 1… Happy… New Year?


Dec 31New Year’s Eve
Dec 30Happy Birthday, Roger!
Dec 29The 27 Club
Dec 28Laundry Day
Dec 27Who Does That?
Dec 26Articles
Dec 25Merry Christmas!
Dec 24Christmas Eve
Dec 23Horrifying Realizations
Dec 22Back to Reality
Nov 18Goodbyes
Nov 17How?
Nov 16Free Will
Nov 15Why?
Nov 14Acceptance
Nov 13Running
Nov 12Trapped
Nov 11Questions
Nov 10The Creator
Nov 9Nothing
Nov 7Farewells
Nov 6John And His Milk
Nov 5Parents
Nov 4What Am I Forgetting?
Nov 3Last Minute Clean Up
Nov 2Code Red
Nov 1Hangover
Oct 31Happy Halloween!
Oct 30Costumes
Oct 29Sandra Just Can’t Win
Oct 28Booze Run
Oct 27Typical
Oct 26Boredom
Oct 25Bartender Psychiatry
Oct 24Geoff Ramler, Private Eye
Oct 23Living The Dream
Oct 22You Always Hope
Oct 21That Takes Care Of That
Oct 20Dating Rules
Oct 18Oh, Um… Hi
Oct 17Good News?
Oct 16Play It Again, Roger
Oct 15Listening
Oct 14It’s Like Witchcraft
Oct 1350th Comic
Oct 12Serious Gaming
Oct 11I Miss You
Oct 10Spoilers
Oct 9Last Day
Oct 8Poor Guy
Oct 7Let It Go
Oct 6‘Tis the Season
Oct 5Too Old To Party
Oct 4Tic Tac Toe
Oct 3Star Wars
Oct 2First Day Impressions
Oct 1Late Night Snack
Sep 30The Amazing Geoff
Sep 29The Dressing Room
Sep 28Dorm Life
Sep 27Casual Friday
Sep 26Crazy Rusty
Sep 25The Interview
Sep 24The Aftermath
Sep 23The First Move
Sep 22A New Look
Sep 21Dungeons & Dragons
Sep 20Introducing Matt the Bartender
Sep 19Technology
Sep 18The Bro Fist
Sep 17That’s College
Sep 16We’re All A Little Neurotic
Sep 15Order Hell
Sep 14Face Jungle
Sep 13A Night Time Visitor
Sep 12Seriously, What Is It Doing?
Sep 11New Beginning
Sep 10King of My Own Castle
Sep 9Every Time
Sep 9John Has Had More Practice
Sep 9Sometimes You Just Gotta Talk
Sep 8Happiness
Sep 8Drunk Conversations
Sep 8He Forgets How Big He Is
Sep 8Watch Out For The Crazies
Sep 8Brotherly Grudges
Sep 7The Sandra Special
Sep 6Sometimes Nice To Be An Adult
Sep 6The College Student
Sep 6The Barista
Sep 6The Bookseller
Sep 6The Tech Support
Sep 6The Magician
Sep 6Group of Ordinary Friends